Making Life Comfortable For Your Pet

3 Reasons To Pack Pet Food When Boarding Your Dog

When you pack up your dog to be temporarily kept at a boarding kennel, don't forget to pack dog food. These are some of the reasons you will want to send pet food along with your pet when leaving it at a boarding facility. 1. Pet Food Might Not Be Included in the Price For one thing, when you were given a price quote for boarding services, you should know that pet food might not have been included in this price. Read More 

Beyond Grooming: Four Spa Services To Pamper Your Dog

Your dog is your precious baby, and a day of pampering at a doggy spa can be just the thing to show your appreciation for his or her companionship. If you want to treat your dog to something special, here are a few options to consider when scheduling an appointment at your local pet spa. Doggy Facial Doggy facials can provide a calming experience for your pup while conditioning his or her skin and fur. Read More 

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Making Life Comfortable For Your Pet

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