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3 Reasons To Pack Pet Food When Boarding Your Dog

When you pack up your dog to be temporarily kept at a boarding kennel, don't forget to pack dog food. These are some of the reasons you will want to send pet food along with your pet when leaving it at a boarding facility.

1. Pet Food Might Not Be Included in the Price

For one thing, when you were given a price quote for boarding services, you should know that pet food might not have been included in this price. You may have to pay extra if you don't bring your own dog food, and you might find that you'll save money by just bringing your own.

2. You Want to Make Sure Your Pet Eats While Being Boarded

It's probably important to you to make sure that your pet eats well while being boarded. After all, your pet might already be a bit upset about being in an unfamiliar place, which can make your dog more likely to snub its food. If your dog is fed a food that it's not used to while being boarded, this will be even more likely. If you send along your pet's favorite food, though, you can help make sure that it eats well while being boarded.

3. Prevent Your Dog from Getting Sick

If your dog is used to eating the same food all the time, then it could have stomach issues or other problems if the food is changed suddenly. Sending along the same type of food that your pet always eats will help prevent this. This is important even for healthy dogs that don't seem to have any stomach problems or other health issues, but it's even more important if your dog is on a special diet. After all, even if pet food is available at the boarding facility for pets that aren't sent with their own food, this food might not accommodate your dog's health issues.

When preparing your dog to be kept at a boarding facility while you head on vacation or leave town for any other purpose, make sure that you bring along plenty of food. It's best to bring more than you think you need, just in case you end up being gone for longer than you originally intended, and write down instructions for feeding. Then, you can make sure that all is well with your pet when it is left at a pet boarding facility.

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