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Beyond Grooming: Four Spa Services To Pamper Your Dog

Your dog is your precious baby, and a day of pampering at a doggy spa can be just the thing to show your appreciation for his or her companionship. If you want to treat your dog to something special, here are a few options to consider when scheduling an appointment at your local pet spa.

Doggy Facial

Doggy facials can provide a calming experience for your pup while conditioning his or her skin and fur. Some spas also offer a tear stain removal option, which can restore the fur around the eyes that have been stained over time. Ask about the different products available for this service, and choose a fragrance both you and your dog can appreciate.

Pedicure And Massage

If your dog is in need of a nail trimming, consider a pedicure and massage instead. Your dog can have his or her claws trimmed and filed for added comfort while walking, and he or she can also enjoy a soothing paw massage. For dogs with damage on their paw pads from walking on concrete surfaces, some pet spas offer soothing lotions to help restore the skin. For a bit of extra fun, consider a pet-safe polish to give your dog's claws a bit of added color.

Spa Bath

For dogs that enjoy a good bath, consider a spa bath option. These baths feature massaging water, similar to what people enjoy about spa baths. The soothing water jets can help your dog feel calm and relaxed, and some spas may add aromatherapy to the tub for a more luxurious experience. Ask about which services are included with the spa, as some may include blow-drying his or her fur, a trim, and a brushing to give your dog a healthy, beautiful coat.

Tooth Brushing

While giving your dog a tooth brushing may not seem like a luxurious spa experience, your dog may find that it is a refreshing experience. He or she gets a fresh, minty feel along with clean teeth, and you can avoid having to tackle the task of cleaning your dog's teeth on your own. This is a great option for dogs that have trouble sitting still, as the trained staff can assist with brushing and cleaning the teeth.

You can schedule spa services any time that works for you, or you can include them with boarding services when you'll be out of town. Scheduling spa services for dogs while you're away can be a great way to treat your dog to something special when you can't be there to play.

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