Making Life Comfortable For Your Pet

Winter Care For Your Dog: Tips For You

When you are a dog owner and are experiencing your first cold winter with your beloved four-legged companion, you may be wondering what you can and should do to keep your dog as healthy and safe as possible throughout the cold winter months. There are numerous steps that you should take to provide winter care for your dog. Get to know a few of them to ensure that you and your pet make it trough the winter happy and healthy together. Read More 

Never Left Your Dog at a Boarding Kennel Before? 3 Ways to Help Them Quickly Adjust

Dropping your dog off at a boarding kennel can be an excellent way of making sure that your dog gets proper care when you're going to be away from home. If you're leaving on a trip soon and want to make sure that your dog feels comfortable and doesn't have any excess stress or anxiety about their stay, consider what kinds of things you can do to make them feel more at ease. Read More 

Four Safety Tips to Help Your Cat Enjoy The Backyard

While veterinarians tend to recommend keeping cats indoors, as summer heats up, your cat may be longing to sniff the grass and lay in the sun. If you can make your backyard an enclosed, safe environment for them, your cat might be able to enjoy the sunshine on a limited basis. Here are four safety tips when it comes to letting your cat enjoy your backyard. 1. Fencing That Keeps Cats Contained Read More 

What Are Some Red Flags When Looking At Boarding Facilities?

Pet boarding facilities provide you the opportunity to leave your pet somewhere safe where they have access to everything they need. However, it is important that you choose wisely in the type of facility they go   to. Here are some red flags to look out for when touring nearby boarding facilities. Lack of Cleanliness As you take a tour of the pet boarding facility, make sure you look around closely. Look inside the kennel cages, in the outside area, and at the play room if there is one. Read More 

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Making Life Comfortable For Your Pet

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