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Four Safety Tips to Help Your Cat Enjoy The Backyard

While veterinarians tend to recommend keeping cats indoors, as summer heats up, your cat may be longing to sniff the grass and lay in the sun. If you can make your backyard an enclosed, safe environment for them, your cat might be able to enjoy the sunshine on a limited basis. Here are four safety tips when it comes to letting your cat enjoy your backyard.

1. Fencing That Keeps Cats Contained

This first thing to invest in is a fully enclosed environment that your cat will feel safe in and won't be able to escape. By adding screens or lattice work leaning inward on the top of your fence, your cat won't be able to scale this and roam past your yard. If your cat is more adventurous, there are full enclosures made of netting that can still give your cat a taste of the outdoors while staying protected.

2. Watch out for Poisonous Plants

If your cat loves to munch on grass and other plants, it is important to understand what specific plants that might be a danger for your cat. If you can use these sparingly in your yard or keep them in pots up high, your cat won't be tempted to eat something they shouldn't. Plants such as oleander, lilies, and tulips should be monitored around your cat as they could pose a danger.

3. Full Supervision

If your cat has never been in your backyard before, make sure to keep an eye on them while they are exploring the outdoors. If your cat is skittish or might not let you pick them up when outside, a leash might be a good idea while your cat gets their bearings. Your cat might just enjoy the sun a foot away from the back door, but you should still be present so your cat knows this is a monitored activity.

4. Get a Clean Bill of Health

Even if your cat is only going outside a few feet or on to a balcony, it is a good idea to let your veterinarian know your plans. They might recommend additional immunizations or give your cat a microchip as added insurance in case they do get lost. Veterinarians might have additional ideas on making your backyard safe for an otherwise indoor cat.

Letting your cat out for a few minutes to get some sunshine can be rewarding to see and can make your cat happy. Mixing up an indoor cat's life can reduce anxiety and keep them stimulated. If you can cat proof your backyard and prepare your cat for the outdoors, this can give them another activity to enjoy. For more information, contact clinics like Ark Veterinary Hospital. 

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