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Properly Grooming Your Pet Rabbit

If you recently became a rabbit owner, you are likely excited about the prospect of caring for your new pet so it remains healthy and comfortable. Here are some grooming tips to aid in achieving these endeavors.

Brush And Comb Your Rabbit Regularly

Rabbits, like other mammals, will attempt to clean their bodies by licking at their coats. When this happens, some fur is ingested. This can cause a buildup in a rabbit's gastrointestinal tract, causing it to vomit hairballs every now and again. To reduce the amount of fur that gets inside of your rabbit, comb and brush its coat. This is done using standard pet grooming tools. Make sure to brush your rabbit at least every few days. Rabbits will shed fur at a quicker rate several times a year. If you notice your rabbit is losing an abundant amount of its fur, increase the brushing sessions at this time.

Take Care Of Your Rabbit's Nails

A rabbit's nails will grow long, making it harder for them to get around without becoming snagged in carpeting or hooking a nail upon a surface. To help in keeping your rabbit from becoming injured, regular nail-clipping sessions are necessary. Purchase claw clippers from a pet supply store. If you do not feel comfortable clipping the tips of your rabbit's claws on your own, bring your pet to a groomer every month or two to have the process done for you.

Tend To Your Rabbit's Ears

Rabbits have large areas within their long ears that require cleaning. If your rabbit has lop ears, you will need to clean them out even more frequently as the interior areas are prime spots for a buildup of wax and debris. Use a clean piece of cloth and dampen it with warm water. Place this gently inside of your rabbit's ear and remove any buildup from the area. 

Take Care Of Your Rabbit's Backside

Your rabbit may not be able to clean its posterior area properly if it is unable to reach it easily. Check your pet's backside for remnants of fecal matter and wipe it away using a piece of clean cloth. This will keep your rabbit's fur in this area clean and will aid in keeping bacteria buildup at bay.

Clean Your Rabbit's Eyes Properly

Rabbits tend to get pieces of straw or hay caught in their fur near their eyes. To keep your pet's vision from becoming obstructed, remove any loose pieces when they are noticed. Dip a cotton ball in water and use it to wipe away mucus from the eye area. Use a new cotton ball for the other eye.

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