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Things You Need to Know About Doggy Daycare

You may not know that there is daycare available for your dog, and it is much like a daycare for children. It is called doggy daycare, and it is different from dog boarding. The reason it is different is it's a daytime solution to the issue of what to do with your dog when you are at work or doing something else during the day and don't want to leave them alone. Here is a guide on doggy daycare you should read as a dog owner. 

Doggy Daycares Are Set Up Securely 

A doggy daycare facility is set up to make sure the dogs that go there are secured, so they won't get out or lost. There are also procedures put in place to protect the dogs that go there. For one thing, the dogs all need to have proof of current vaccinations in order to be allowed to come to the daycare. In addition, the dogs will be given an evaluation before they are able to come to make sure they don't display signs of aggression with people or other dogs. 

Doggy Daycares Ensure That Dogs Get Exercise

When you take your dog somewhere while you are gone all day, you want to know they aren't just sitting in a kennel all day. This is something else that is so great about doggy daycares. They do have large kennels the dogs will spend some time in where they have beds and toys, as well as their food and water. However, there are also play areas that usually include both inside and outside spaces where the dogs will get to play and get plenty of exercise throughout the day. There is usually a grass area and play things like kiddie pools for them to swim in, dirt or sand areas where they can dig, and play areas they can safely climb on or play on. 

Doggy Daycare Has Plenty of Supervision

When your dog goes to doggy daycare, they will be in an environment where there is plenty of supervision at all times. The knowledgeable staff will ensure the dogs are safe, fed, watered, and happy. The doggy daycare facilities often work closely with the local vet and in some cases, there may be a vet on staff at the facility. There are often cameras as well. You will be able to log on and view the camera footage, so you can watch your own dog while they have a great time at the daycare.

If you have any other questions about dog daycare, contact a daycare center near you. 

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