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The Benefits Of Sending Your Dog To Doggy Daycare Once Or Twice A Week

Even if you can come home on time to let your dog out or take your dog to work, you may want to consider sending your dog to doggy daycare once or twice a week. After all, doggy daycare is more than a dog-sitting opportunity. It also has the following benefits for you and your dog.

Your dog gets to socialize with others.

While your dog might be okay at home alone all day, they aren't getting much socialization when they sit on the couch and snooze. At doggy daycare, they will get to meet and interact with other dogs. This is good for their mood and can help them retain their social skills over time, so that in the future when you meet other dogs, they are better able to get along.

Your dog gets used to seeing and obeying other people.

Many dogs behave really well for their owners, but not as well for other people. You can't really blame them if their owners are the only people they really see on a regular basis. When you send your dog to doggy daycare, they get to interact with and practice listening to other humans. This skill will come in handy if you have to ask someone else to watch your dog in the future.

Your dog will get exercise.

Most doggy daycares go above and beyond to ensure the dogs in their care get lots of exercise. Your dog might get to go for a long walk, play fetch in a fenced area, work their way through an obstacle course, and play with other dogs. Doing this once or twice a week will help keep them fit, and you won't have to feel as guilty if you get home late and don't always have time to walk them.

Your dog will enjoy a change in routine.

Doing the same thing day in and day out can get as boring for your dog as it can for you. Going to doggy daycare will break up your dog's routine a bit, which should leave them joyful and perky. They'll start to enjoy day-to-day events like eating breakfast, going for a walk, and you coming home.

If there's a doggy daycare near your home, then dropping your dog off once or twice a week is a very good idea. Many daycares even offer package discounts if you pay for several visits up-front. 

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