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How to Make Homemade Shampoo to Keep Your Dog's Long Fur Clean & Shiny

If you have a dog with long hair, you may find yourself spending a lot of money on store-bought shampoo. If so, you may want to try making your own shampoo using the basic recipe below, as well as adding additional ingredients to customize it for your pooch's needs.

Basic Shampoo Recipe

The basic recipe for your homemade dog shampoo includes dish soap and white distilled vinegar. Using a mild, grease-cutting dish soap removes excess oils on your dog's hairs. The vinegar helps kill germs, as well as neutralizes odors to keep your dog smelling fresh.

When making the shampoo, make only enough for one bath. When stored, the vinegar breaks the soap down rather quickly, turning it sour and decreasing its ability to clean your puppy's fur effectively.

In a small bowl, mix together a quarter of a cup each of dish soap and vinegar. Wet your dog's hair, and work the shampoo into its fur as usual. Then, rinse thoroughly.

Optional Additional Ingredients

Along with the above ingredients, you can add one or two more to customize the recipe. What you add depends on what else you need the shampoo for.

If your dog has dry skin, you can also add oatmeal to the mixture. Just like in people, the oatmeal can help soothe your pooch's dry, itchy skin. After mixing the recipe as directed in the previous section, add three tablespoons of steel-cut rolled oatmeal. Let the oatmeal soak in some of the liquid, then use as described.

If fleas are a problem, adding lavender oil can help repel them. Although you may find the scent heavenly, fleas can't stand the smell of it, keeping them from taking up residence in your dog's fur. When using only the lavender oil, add three drops to the basic recipe, and use as instructed.

However, if your dog has problems with dry skin and fleas and could benefit from both the oatmeal and lavender oil, add the oil first. Then, mix in the three tablespoons of oatmeal, and let it soak in the vinegar and lavender oil before washing your dog with the shampoo.

Using the above shampoo and its variations can help keep your dog's coat clean and healthy. To learn more or receive more assistance, contact local pet grooming services. Local companies like Love & Care Pet Salon can advise you on specific shampoos to create or purchase.

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