3 Reasons To Leave Your Dog At A Kennel Instead Of Hiring A Pet Sitter

If you are planning a trip away from home and are trying to determine what to do with your dog, you have two main options. You could hire someone to come to your home several times a day to care for it, or you could take the dog to a kennel where it could stay the entire time you are gone. Here are three reasons choosing a dog kennel might be the better choice to make.

Your dog will have constant company

Most dogs prefer being around people and other animals, because they do not usually like being alone. At a dog kennel, your dog will never be alone. It might sleep in a cage by itself, but the cage will be in a room with a lot of other cages that contain dogs.

If your dog is at home alone, it might feel lonely most of the time. The dog sitter may be scheduled to come three times a day to let the dog out and feed it; however, the dog will be alone most of the time while you are on vacation.

It will give your dog more time to socialize and exercise

Most dog kennels operate on schedules, and in the schedule is typically time for exercise and socialization. You can ask a kennel about this before lining up services, but you are likely to find out that the kennel spends time daily:

  • Taking each of the dogs for a walk on a leash
  • Letting the dogs play in fenced in areas with other dogs and toys
  • Caring for its needs, if your dog has any special needs

Your dog will spend its days doing things that are enjoyable, and it will not get as lonely because of this. With a dog sitter, your dog will have a very limited time allowed for socializing and exercising.

You will have access to vet services if an emergency arises

The final thing to consider is the way emergencies will be handled if something happens. If your dog is at a kennel, it will have constant supervision. If the dog gets injured or ill, the kennel owner will either take it to a vet or have a vet come to the kennel. Your dog will get immediate treatment if an emergency arises.

The problem with hiring a dog sitter is that if the sitter finds a problem, it might not get addressed right away. If something happened to the dog while the sitter was not there, the dog may have to wait for hours before seeing a vet.

Dog kennels are great places for dogs, and while your dog might miss you, you can be certain it will be having fun at the kennel. To learn more, contact a dog kennel in your area like Alpha K-9 Kennels today to schedule services.

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