Making Life Comfortable For Your Pet

How to Ensure your Pet is Safe at the Groomer

Just like people enjoy being pampered occasionally, so do pets!  It's not uncommon for people to send their pooch to the spa to get groomed.  Groomers do everything from trimming nails and giving baths to cutting and shaving your pet's fur.  Groomers typically love and truly want to help pets.  They have the best interest of your pet in mind when performing their duties.

Unfortunately, the grooming industry is unregulated and does not require groomers to be licensed.  Although these employees may have a love of animals, they may not have the training and expertise to properly care for your pet.

There will always be some risk when you leave your pet in the hands of strangers.  You can significantly lower that risk by doing the following before choosing a groomer:

  • Check out the background of the salon.  Find out how long they have been in business and what kind of reputation they have in the community.
  • Speak to the groomers themselves.  Find out what their qualifications and backgrounds are.  Ask them what kind of training they have in grooming. 
  • Make sure the groomer knows any special needs your pet may have.  They should have the name and number of your vet on file in case an emergency does happen.
  • Visit the salon before you schedule your pet's visit.  Look around and form your own opinions.  Is the facility clean?  Watch how the staff interacts with the pets.  Also watch how the staff responds to your presence.  While you are there, see if you can have a tour of the facility including any back areas.
  • Ask any questions you have that are specific to your individual pet and your situation.  Don't hold back just because you think a question might be silly.  There is no such thing as a stupid question, especially when it involves the safety of your best furry friend.
  • Check out the equipment that the groomer uses.  One item that should raise concern with you is the heated dryer.  Heated dryers have been thought to have played a part in some pet deaths and are not considered safe. 
  • Make sure that the groomer has an open door policy.  If you are not welcome to stop by at any time during your pet's visit, start looking for another groomer.

You should feel comfortable with your choice of groomer.  The majority of groomers are good people who run a respectable business and will keep your pet safe.  If you have any doubt in your mind, keep searching. If you're looking for a groomer in your area, visit The Pets Place Animal Hospital.

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