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How To Prevent Separation Anxiety In Your Dog

Your furry buddy loves getting your attention when you're home from work or when the kids are home from school. You may even notice that he acts a little different when you go to leave for work, or when the kids leave to go to school. Your dog may do things he wouldn't normally do, such as chew things he shouldn't or potty in the house to show his unhappiness. If you notice any of these things, your dog could be feeling separation anxiety. There are ways to prevent separation anxiety for your dog. See below for some helpful tips.

ā€‹1. Ignore

By ignoring your dog when he follows you around the house, you will not only help to prevent separation anxiety, you are helping to correct other behaviors as well. Your dog is following you around to get your attention, he may even jump at you for attention. Ignoring him will help these bad habits. Try not to pay attention to your dog if he tries to prevent you from leaving the house when it's time to leave as well.

2. Don't Give Any Hints

Don't make a big deal out of leaving the house. Giving your dog a long goodbye may make you feel better, but it won't make your furry friend happy. Try not to give your dog any cues that you are leaving. Sometimes a dog can associate things you do with you leaving. Such as turning off the lights in the house, grabbing your lunch box, or even simply putting on your shoes. Try to hide those cues from your dog or just vary your routine.

3. Use The Crate

Place your dog in his crate a few minutes before you leave. This way your dog won't see you leave through the door or the window. It also keeps him from following you to the door. Give your dog a treat or a special bone to make going into the crate fun, rather than making your dog feel like he's in trouble. Place your dog in his crate sometimes in the evening for a few minutes at a time with a special treat too. This way he won't always associate the crate with you leaving. Your dog's crate should feel more like his home or his bed, rather than a place for punishment.

Your dog's separation anxiety will get better with time, but you have to be patient with your furry friend.

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