Making Life Comfortable For Your Pet

Properly Grooming Your Pet Rabbit

If you recently became a rabbit owner, you are likely excited about the prospect of caring for your new pet so it remains healthy and comfortable. Here are some grooming tips to aid in achieving these endeavors. Brush And Comb Your Rabbit Regularly Rabbits, like other mammals, will attempt to clean their bodies by licking at their coats. When this happens, some fur is ingested. This can cause a buildup in a rabbit's gastrointestinal tract, causing it to vomit hairballs every now and again. Read More 

Things You Need to Know About Doggy Daycare

You may not know that there is daycare available for your dog, and it is much like a daycare for children. It is called doggy daycare, and it is different from dog boarding. The reason it is different is it's a daytime solution to the issue of what to do with your dog when you are at work or doing something else during the day and don't want to leave them alone. Read More 

4 Benefits of Routine Grooming Service for Your Puppy

Many adult dogs benefit from grooming because their coat is long enough to demand thorough brushing or trimming to stay well-kept and healthy. Puppies with medium to long coats can also grow enough hair while they are young to warrant pet grooming services. Consider hiring groomers regularly to enjoy some major benefits for your puppy in their growing years. Teeth Brushing Brushing your dog's teeth is an effective way to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Read More 

How to Get Your Dog Ready for Boarding

When you need to board your pet overnight or utilize a dog boarding facility for several weeks, good preparation will make the process easier for you and your dog. You might be worried about leaving your dog for any length of time, and it's important that you feel comfortable with the facility where you are going to board your dog. Take the time to get to know the facility, and consider having your dog visit for the day if needed. Read More 

The Benefits Of Sending Your Dog To Doggy Daycare Once Or Twice A Week

Even if you can come home on time to let your dog out or take your dog to work, you may want to consider sending your dog to doggy daycare once or twice a week. After all, doggy daycare is more than a dog-sitting opportunity. It also has the following benefits for you and your dog. Your dog gets to socialize with others. While your dog might be okay at home alone all day, they aren't getting much socialization when they sit on the couch and snooze. Read More 

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Making Life Comfortable For Your Pet

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