Preventing Your Dog From Jumping On People At The Kennel

If you’re a new dog owner, you want your dog to know you love them and are going to care for them. However, along with love comes discipline. If you need to use a boarding facility, some discipline is required to train your furry friend the boundaries of what they can do and can’t do. For example, if your dog likes to jump on people when they go to the kennel, or on you when you pick them up, try these steps at home to train him or her to stop.

Step 1: Tell Your Dog to Sit

If your dog is jumping up on you, or anyone else, command it to sit. Don’t to acknowledge the dog until he or she is sitting with all four paws on the floor.

Keep giving it the command to sit until the dog obeys you. Once this happens, acknowledge them with a loving pat on the head. This teaches the dog the best way to get attention is to remain seated on the ground.

Step 2: Keep Your Homecoming Low-Key

One of the biggest reasons dogs jump on people is sheer excitement. Raising the pitch or volume of your voice as you excitedly greet your dog only makes it even more excited and prone to jumping.

Teach your dog to refrain from jumping by keep your greeting low-key when you come home and when you pick them up from the boarding facility, like ones at veteranirain hospitals like The Pets Place Animal Hospital.

Controlling your excitement will teach the dog to control its excitement as well. Of course you are probably just as happy to see your dog and he or she is to see you. So, as difficult as it might be, come into the house, put anything you’re bringing with you away, and then take the dog outside. Once they have done their business, greet them and play.

It might be hard to put business before enjoying the kisses, hugs and overall excitement from your dog when you get home, but if you want your dog to stop jumping on people at the kennel, it is important to do so. The more they see someone you coming through the door, or visiting the kennel as a normal occurrence, the less excited they’ll be.

Step 3: Reward With Treats Sparingly

Another reason dogs jump is they’re trying to snag a treat out of your hands. While it is cute for a dog to hop up to get a treat, giving him or her treats too often, could from a habit of jumping on people at the kennel in hopes to get treats. To curb this habit, use treats sparingly and at appropriate times.

In time, your dog will likely begin to understand jumping on people is not a desirable activity. If you’re consistent with the home training, your dog will soon learn that going to the kennel is more enjoyable for everyone if they don’t jump on the workers, or you when you return.

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