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Four Tips To Make Boarding Easier On Your Shy And Nervous Dog

If you’re going on vacation and cannot take your dog with you, boarding him at a respectable kennel is a good way to ensure your pet gets the proper care while you’re away. However, if your dog tends to be shy and nervous, boarding can be a little tough because of the separation and new environment. Follow these tips to make the boarding experience less stressful for a shy and nervous dog. Tip 1: Board your dog for a night at the kennel before your big trip arrives. Your dog will feel more comfortable at the kennel if it is at least somewhat familiar to him. Thus, it’s a good idea to arrange for a shorter stay at the kennel a couple of weeks before your trip. One night is all you need. Your dog will be comforted by the fact that, after spending time in the kennel, he does get to come home. When you leave him there as you depart for vacation, he’ll be less stressed out because he knows that he won’t be there permanently. Tip 2: Send your dog’s bed, toys, and food dishes with him to the kennel. Having his own familiar things will help your dog feel more at-ease at the unfamiliar place. Both on the practice night and when you go on your actual trip, bring as many personal items along as the kennel will permit. Tip 3: Maintain a positive attitude as you say goodbye to your dog. Dogs are remarkably skilled at picking up on human emotions. If you act sad and nervous when saying goodbye to your dog, these feelings may rub off on him and make matters worse. Instead, say goodbye cheerfully to your dog, maintaining a positive attitude. Smile and brightly say “Bye! You’re going to have such a good time staying here! Good boy!” Tip 4: Ask your vet about calming medications. If the kennel owners say your dog was nervous and anxious during the trial stay, you may want to talk to your vet about calming medications. These medications are generally just strong enough to take the edge off when your dog is in a stressful situation. You can give your dog a dose before dropping him off, and leave a couple of doses at the kennel for the owners to administer if your dog gets too nervous or agitated. Follow these tips, and your shy […]

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Persian Cat Grooming: 2 Hairstyles To Keep Your Kitty Cool This Summer

You may have fallen in love with your Persian cat’s long, lustrous fur, but remember that cats with long hair can become too warm during the summer, just like you would feel warm when wearing a fur coat. Persian cats are also more prone to hairballs than short-haired cats, and a short haircut can help minimize this potentially dangerous problem. Summer is a purr-fect time to have your Persian cat thoroughly groomed, and one of the following hairstyles can keep your kitty cool without sacrificing her unique beauty.  1. Persian Lion Cut The lion cut is a great cut for Persian cats, as it involves clipping much of their hair very short to keep them cool while keeping fur long in some areas to showcase that beautiful fur you love. It is a misconception that a tiger cut always involves shaving your pet. While the shorter sections of this cut can be fully shaved, they can instead just be trimmed very short.   A lion cut typically involves keeping the hair on the head, feet, and the tip of your cat’s tail longer, while cutting the hair on her back, belly, and legs short. It truly does make your cat resemble a fierce lion even when she is just a kitten at heart.  While you can attempt this cut at home if you are skilled with clippers and general cat grooming if you want to save cash, it is best to have a professional groomer perform the first cut, so you then only have to follow the lines the groomer created when giving kitty “touch-ups.”  2. Persian Kitten Clip Your cat does not have to be a kitten to get a Persian kitten clip, because this style is named a “kitten clip” only because it often makes adult Persian cats look like kittens in appearance. This cut is very simple, and it involves clipping kitty’s fur all-one-length at about one-inch long.  This cut is easy to maintain and may be best for cats that are prone to hairballs. Unlike with the lion cut, no hair is kept long, so no long hair can be swallowed while kitty is grooming herself. Of course she may still swallow a bit of her new shorter hair, but 10 short hairs swallowed leads to less hair in kitty’s belly than 10 very long hairs.  No matter what hairstyle you choose to keep your Persian […]

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